Age doesn’t guarantee maturity

Age doesn’t guarantee maturity.

you can be older, but your attitude is maybe not as well educated as 10 years old kid

you can be older, but you are still not sure about what will you do in the future

you can be older, but you still relying on someone’s shoulder

you can be older, but you can’t be responsible of what you’ve done

but hei, you are older, so take lessons from the experiences happened in life 🙂

Orchid Island: Taiwan’s Tropical Paradise

hopefully can visit this place when I get there 😀

What an Amazing World!

The 19-seated Dornier 228 was parked on the far side of the apron of Taitung Airport. A huge hose was blowing Oxygen into the cabin when James and I entered the plane. Seated on the first row behind the cockpit, we could clearly see what was happening behind the control panel – the pilot and his co-pilot communicating to each other while holding pieces of paper with tables and numbers printed on them. After all passengers were seated, it did not take long until the old iron bird ascended to the sky, leaving the Taiwan mainland behind.

30 minutes later a green and rugged island emerged from the low-hanging clouds, shrouded by the fog. Rows of towering mountains and hills sloped down to the cobalt sea, bringing my memories to Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna – two fictional islands from Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park and The Lost World. Lanyu

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