Finally, semester ini sudah berakhir, setelah berusaha keras, sekarang tinggal berdoa berharap mendapatkan hasil yang terbaik, aamiin.. >.<

Dikarenakan masuk musim liburan semester, chinese new year juga, jadi weekly report untuk Prof tercinta diliburkan 2 minggu *horeee! xD*

Maka sudah saatnya update blog yang mulai berdebu ini *tiup-tiup debu*. Nantikan postingan #superlatepost selama 6 bulan di Taiwan ini 😀

Orchid Island: Taiwan’s Tropical Paradise

hopefully can visit this place when I get there 😀

What an Amazing World!

The 19-seated Dornier 228 was parked on the far side of the apron of Taitung Airport. A huge hose was blowing Oxygen into the cabin when James and I entered the plane. Seated on the first row behind the cockpit, we could clearly see what was happening behind the control panel – the pilot and his co-pilot communicating to each other while holding pieces of paper with tables and numbers printed on them. After all passengers were seated, it did not take long until the old iron bird ascended to the sky, leaving the Taiwan mainland behind.

30 minutes later a green and rugged island emerged from the low-hanging clouds, shrouded by the fog. Rows of towering mountains and hills sloped down to the cobalt sea, bringing my memories to Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna – two fictional islands from Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park and The Lost World. Lanyu

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AVIAT NETWORKS: Official Wireless Transmission Blog

1. What is QAM?

Modulation is a data transmission technique that transmits a message signal inside another higher frequency carrier by altering the carrier to look more like the message. Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (QAM) is a form of modulation that uses two carriers—offset in phase by 90 degrees—and varying symbol rates (i.e., transmitted bits per symbol) to increase throughput. The table in this blog post (Figure 1) describes the various common modulation levels, associated bits/symbol and incremental capacity improvement above the next lower modulation step.

2. Must all operators who use microwave backhaul use higher-order QAMs?

Higher-order QAMs are not necessarily a must-have for all network operators. However, higher-order modulations do provide one method of obtaining higher data throughput and are a useful tool for meeting LTE backhaul capacity requirements.

3. What is the main advantage of using higher-order QAMs with microwave radios?

The main advantage is increased capacity, or…

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Terus gini ini fungsinya buat apa yaa? (thinking) :p


It’s mathematicians’ idea of an arms race: the unending quest to find the largest prime number. Like an archaeological expedition, a new number has taken top honors as the longest — and it’s over 17 million digits long. Curtis Cooper, a researcher at the University of Central Missouri, reportedly spent four years searching for the new prime number. And in late January, his quest was confirmed. Behold the new longest prime number in the world: 257,885,161 – 1.

The new discovery, at 17,425,170 digits, crushes the 2008 record number of 12,978,189 digits. Cooper is something of a legend when it comes to prime-number discovery: this is the third one found by him and his team.

Prime numbers are numbers that can only be divided by themselves and 1, with the first-appearing ones being 2,3,5,7 and 11. This new king of primes is also a member of a rare collection known…

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new start

sudah lama nggak ngeblog..
mulai ngurusin blog ini lagiii deh sekarang, hoho…
sebelum-sebelumnya ribet di, terus rempong sekripsi..
alhamdulillah sekripsi udah selesai, tapi skrg galau proposal thesis #teteup :p
semoga bisa rutin ngurus blog, hehe

1st post^^

this is my 1st post in wordpress..

pengen aja bikin blog gt.. bwd mencurahkan isi hati ^^, berbagi ilmu ^^ dkk..

artinya malam berbintang-ku..

I love stars, suka banget sama benda-benda langit..
they’re amazing.. keep shining in every conditions..
sebagai penunjuk bagi petualang yang tersesat..
that’s why I named this blog with mystarrynight,,
so that I can shine on, encourage people around me..

then, let’s start blogging ^^